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Destruction Allstars PS Plus Review

Destruction Allstars is February’s free PS5 PS Plus game and this game is all about destroying cars and smashing into other cars. You can also get out of the car and run-on foot and both the car and character have abilities you can use. Destruction Allstars doesn’t have a story mode as it is entirely about the multiplayer and playing online. You have four game modes in multiplayer and they are Mayhem, Gridfall, Carnado & Stockpile.

Mayhem & Gridfall are solo modes and the other two are 8v8. First of all, when you start any game you have the option of choosing between 16 heroes and the difference between the heroes are their special abilities. Each character has a special ability while driving and also one that they could use while on foot. Mayhem is the first mode and it’s also the mode that they show you in the tutorial. It’s also the simplest as you have 16 people in this huge arena and it’s a basically a free for all.

It’s all about destroying other cars, crashing into them, stealing their cars or wrecking them. When you do this you earn score, so every time you hit someone, you KO someone or do damage them you will earn score and at the end of the round the person with the highest score will win. At the start of a match, you just get a car and you start smashing to earn points and the more damage you do the more points you will get. Destruction Allstars also has boosts that you can do but they will have to recharge as you have boosts to the side and the front. 

In order to use your abilities, you first have to charge them up with damage or collect these pink shards around the arena. You have a car ability and your characters have an unique ability. You can only use your characters ability on foot when you get out of the car and it’s different for each character where some make you stronger, faster or does some kind of damage to other characters. Your cars ability is basically where you summon the car for that specific character that you’re using.

The car that you summon is better than the other cars that you will find randomly in the arena and also a very good thing about it is that only you can enter it so when you summon it no one can steal it. The car that you summon also has an ability and this ability recharges with time so you don’t have to do anything for it as you don’t have to pick up the pink shards or damage other cars.

The car I used, left a fire trail behind it and it was quite good because if people drove over it, they will get burnt and you will earn some experience. You can also steal cars from non-hero vehicles where you just jump into an opponent’s car, press triangle and basically either he swings you off or you just steal the car or destroy it. If you destroy or steal the car you will also earn xp. The person with the most amount of points wins and will also get the most amount of xp.

Grid Fall mode is also a solo mode and is basically a last man standing mode where you have a very small map and the map gets smaller over time as some parts of the floor will fall down. The last person remaining at the end of the round wins and with this mode everyone has one life so once your knocked out or you fall off the map it’s over. But there is a way to earn extra lives where you have to fill up a gear meter to get an extra life. You can fill it up by smashing other people and doing damage just like mayhem mode.

If at the end of the timer there are multiple people left, the person with the most amount of lives will win and if everyone has the same amount of lives left then the person with the most damage wins the match. Carnado mode is an 8v8 team mode. This mode is all about smashing the other teams’ cars and filling your gear meter. When you have a certain amount filled you can go to the middle of the arena and bank those points. If your car gets destroyed before you banked the points you will lose them.

Another thing is if someone steals your car then they also get the points that were on that car so don’t let someone hijack your car. You can also earn gears on foot but the limit for that is only 5 points where in a car the limit is 80 points. At the end of the timer the team with the most amount of points claims the win. The last game mode is called Stockpile and its also an 8v8 game mode.

There is 3 points on the map and you have to claim them for your team. You have to kill someone from the other team and when you do, they will drop gears that you have to pick up. Then you have to take these gears to bank them or claim them for your team and basically the team with the most amount of gears claimed at each point will win the match. If you collect 10 points at each point on the map your team will win or the team with the most amount of points at the end of the timer.

You also have the Arcade mode where you create your own game offline. The challenge series mode is where you have a number of challenges that you have to do and if you get 3 stars on a challenge you will unlock an outfit. The first series is free but the other series you have to buy with in game currency but it’s a fun way to unlock outfits. They also have practice mode where you can practice and learn before jumping in the online modes. You also have a customization mode where you can customize the skins for every car and character separately.

All 16 characters have unique skins and outfits that you can unlock with in game currency that you earn after each game and by leveling up. The graphics in Destruction Allstars is quite good as you don’t really notice it because of the fast gameplay but if you take a moment to take it in you will appreciate it. Destruction Allstars is a fun game that reminds me of the old Destruction Derby games on PS1 or even the more recent Wreckfest game which were awesome . If you enjoyed those games or you are just looking for a fun car smashing game check out this game on PS Plus this month as it will be available until April 5th.


The vehicle combat is fun and the abilities keeps things fresh each match but the on foot gameplay feels a bit out of place. The game modes are decent but they need to release frequent content if they want this game to grow.


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