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F1 2020 PS NOW Review

Codemasters annual F1 release has arrived on PS NOW and F1 2020 is the most complete F1 game Codemasters has ever made and enters the RPG territory while bringing it a new game mode called My Team.

Also returning to F1 is the F2 feeder series but this time round rather than the 3-race taster which leads you into your F1 career. You can complete a full or short F2 series or even skip straight into F1 for those who are not too bothered by the F2 series.

The ability to choose the length of your F2 series in F1 2020 has also been implemented in your F1 career where you can take part in an entire 22 race calendar or do smaller 16 or 10 race calendar events giving you a lot more freedom and flexibility than you’ve had in any previous iteration of the F1.

Returning players will know by now that F1 2020 offers them the chance to play as the latest drivers racing at all of the circuits on the F1 calendar. 2020 includes 2 new race venues which are Vietnam and Holland.

Classic cars make a welcome return but some classic circuits would have been a great addition as no classic circuit has made an appearance since 2013 and what better way to drive a classic car than run a classic circuit just to get that nostalgic feeling

Visually F1 2020 is absolutely spot on with accurately recreated race circuits and amazing attention to detail has been put into making sure that cars fits in place on the race and react to the night lights that appear in the Singapore Grand Prix for example or when the sun hits the car at just the right angle it kind of glints off

It looks absolutely beautiful and if you’re on a wet circuit you can see the car going through the water on the track and it all bounces off and runs down your visor. It looks absolutely fantastic and even though each F1 car runs an identical V6 turbo hybrid engine, F1 2020 manages to recreate the different tones each car makes when you get a true sense of speed when you run over a rumble strip at the end of the track.

You can not only hear the noise but feel it through the vibration of the controller as well. It’s a very good feeling especially when you’re in cockpit view it’s pretty much the closest, you’re ever going to get to driving an F1 car. You can hear by the way the engine sounds when you speed down a long straight and suddenly have to brake to go around a corner the amount of effort and time that they’ve put into recreating an F1 car at full speed.

I thought this attention to detail leads me into how the cars handle in career mode. When you’re driving a damaged car as each part will wear out. You will find that you can sometimes lose a gear when the gearbox starts to fail or completely lose the ability to use a rich engine mode setting for Q3 run, meaning you have to set the best possible lap with a car not running at 100 percent.

This also gives F1 2020 a true simulation feel for those who want the most authentic experience possible and online has not been forgotten about with the normal ranked and unranked lobbies for those who wish to just play a random race against random opponents.

Online is still plagued by those who simply don’t know how to race and just divebomb every corner or forget to use the brakes. The inconsistent penalty system is pretty bad as well rewarding you at times with a penalty when someone else crashed into you but that’s how online goes especially when everyone’s just starting out.

You’ve got every option you could wish for on this one and for those of you returning to the F1 series you’ll be very pleased to note that leagues returned, so you can compete against your friends in a private lobby to find out who’s the best driver alongside this the weekly Grand Prix returns.

You can compete in practice and qualify then complete the race over a Saturday or Sunday scoring points. You can earn in game rewards that you can display on your driver profile cards and giving you a nice bit of bragging rights throughout the community.

Now as previously mentioned the biggest new feature of F1 2020 is where you literally enter an RPG style role as a team manager for a fictional eleventh team on the grid and Codemasters have really put some effort into this mode including giving you the feeling of what a real life F1 team has to go through in creation of a new car and making it competitive. 

This new mode is one that offers you a more immersive experience rather than just kind of turning up and driving the car. You control exactly what happens with your team. Other new features added to F1 2020 include split screen racing which in my opinion is the best feature for any family that are all fans of F1 and want to fight for a championship as the entire team rather than just one driver and isn’t it nice to have a game that’s couch co-op.

The Formula 1 cars themselves have not been forgotten about with an added ERS Overtake button that pumps additional stored battery energy into the car for a very short amount of time giving you an added power boost for a vital overtake on track which in my experience is absolutely essential for getting some of the harder races done.

So to summarize F1 2020, this is the most comprehensive and detailed F1 game that Codemasters has ever made and they’ve put some serious effort into making sure that they covered every different possible aspect of an F1 career from the feeder F2 series to driving and managing an F1 team.

If Codemasters decided to make the decision which would’ve absolutely made F1 2020 complete and put some classic circuits in just so that we can drive around in classic cars on classic circuits, it would have easily been a near perfect game. There is absolutely no better F1 experience out there and this is probably the most complete package that you’re going to get for Formula 1 and racing games this year.


F1 2020 is a gorgeous game, enormous amounts of fun, a ton of content and the new my team career mode is absolutely amazing. Split screen is an added bonus to reminisce about couch co op. This is the most complete F1 experience and one of the best racing games out there.


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