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Godfall Challenger Edition PS5 PS Plus Review

Godfall Challenger Edition is an Action RPG and is available this month on PS Plus. Godfall Challenger Edition is a very hack and slash-focused game that skips over the story mode and gives you all the end game content. There are some RPG elements as you can advance your skills, you get lots of loot and you can upgrade your weapons but it’s all about slashing especially in this version as there’s no story mode to go through beforehand.

Like I said earlier, this game is just the end game content of the original Godfall game and kind of feels like when you finish a big open-world game but you still go around trying to get more loot, do some extra challenges, and side quests. It’s basically that and only that as you start the game completely leveled up to the max level of 50 and then you get some extra challenges that is probably best after you finish the base game but this is an opportunity to try it and see if you like the gameplay before buying the story mode upgrade which is $15.

When you start Godfall Challenger Edition you get a short cutscene and a fast tutorial for the story but these are just challenges. The visuals are probably the best thing about Godfall Challenger Edition as there are lots of special effects and colors going on all the time. There is a lot of detail and it’s very shiny but it seems kind of overdone and it’s almost like the developers just added as many shiny things as they could add on the screen at one time. It feels a bit over the top and actually going into battle all the effects feel kind of messy.

The most important thing about this game is the gameplay and it’s a lot of running around pretty linear worlds killing everything in your path. You are just hacking and slashing everything that moves but there are some combos, there are new skills that you can learn but it feels a lot like a button smasher at a certain point especially some of the lower-level enemies. There is a huge variety of upgrades, a pretty diverse skill tree, lots of different types of weapons, and lots of ways you can augment those weapons so I think for people who like the base game and want to continue it, there’s a lot of things to progress your character with.

This is important to know because when you hear you’re going to instantly be level 50 you think you cannot upgrade anything else but the opposite is true as you can still get a lot of items and loot even though this is the end game. I think Godfall Challenger Edition is a decent slashing experience if you like really mindless gameplay as this edition has lots of mindless grinding.

There are lots of these overpowered enemies with huge HP bars that felt a bit tedious to kill. Godfall Challenger Edition wants to be God of War so much as you can see the similarities between the games and it tries to be a recreation of the God of War formula but falls short. Even though some elements are brought over from God of War it just doesn’t have the same feeling to it. All of this considered it’s a decent game with friends as it takes away a bit of the tedious grind aspect of the game.

The online co-op mode supports up to three players and you will share loot equally but also bring a bit more of a challenge as the enemies will be stronger. The action comes off as superficial enough that if you are with friends, it won’t be as tedious as playing through the game solo. Godfall Challenger Edition is a strange addition to PS Plus and rather than give us the full game they only give us the end game content whereas usually they give us the full game and sell DLC separately.

This doesn’t seem to be a popular choice but only the developers will know if it was the right choice. Overall, a fun hack and slash game with friends that has a lot of shiny visuals but can become tedious very quickly especially if you don’t get good loot. I would recommend this game to fans of Action RPGs or fans of God of War to just try out the 1st hour or 2 and see if the game is for you.

Godfall Challenger Edition will be available to PlayStation Plus members until Monday, January 3.


Overall Godfall Challenger Edition is a fun hack and slash game with friends that jumps straight to the end game content. It has a lot of shiny and flashy visuals that seem a bit over the top and can become tedious very quickly especially if you don't get good loot.


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  • Reply
    Jimmy Clare
    Dec 13, 2021 9:13 pm

    what a very interesting review I wish I still had my ps4 but a bunch of movers stole it from me

  • Reply
    Dec 14, 2021 12:20 am

    Sorry to hear that, this game is fun with friends albeit a bit tedious.

  • Reply
    Dec 14, 2021 9:58 am

    My fiancé is having a hard time finding a ps5 but I think he’d love this game. I’ll definitely have to look into buying it for him. Thanks for sharing your review!

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