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Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition PS Plus review

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania platformer style game and was developed by Australian studio Team Cherry. The story drew some of their inspiration from Dark Souls. I am a big fan of the Souls games so I’m very familiar with the way this game works.

You play the role of this nameless knight that looks like a dung beetle in a dreary world. The story takes place in an ancient kingdom called Hallownest. You basically start out with not much explanation and it’s up to you to explore in a manner and fashion that you see fit.

That’s the way these games work, the souls like games and Metroidvania type games. You’re allowed to make your own adventure per se and explore this rich world filled with bad guys which are these bugs that are scattered throughout the world and then there’s NPC’s that will help you throughout the journey.

This story becomes clearer and clearer as you make your way through the game, I don’t want to spoil it for you guys because it is part of the fun in my opinion to progress through the game and experience these story details and find them out for yourself. The gameplay felt slow and clunky at first and I was expecting the ability to dodge and roll as you have no skills and you have no mini map. 

You just wander around and I was dying a lot, it was frustrating at first but the more you progress the more skills you unlock especially the Dash. That made things easier and the more I got into the game I basically fell in love with this game. You are also gated off from certain areas if you do not have required upgrades which gives you even more reason to explore.

Enemies drop currency called Geo to buy things like charms which are your skills. You can put these into slots that will give you abilities like more health or more damage from your spells and there’s over 40 other abilities to use. You can collect Geo by killing enemies but if you die and you don’t get back to your body where you died you lose all your currency which is your upgrade ability so it can be very frustrating if you die and you don’t get to the checkpoint.

Benches are checkpoints throughout the world where you can perform several actions. You progress through these different areas in a manner and fashion that you decide, you’re not told where to go and you have to explore and figure out most of it for yourself. 

The whole basis of this game is that you’re trying to defeat 3 of these protectors or guardians and they’re marked on the map and your goal is to kill them and then eventually the main boss at the end. There’s a lot of content that I haven’t even experienced and I have about 40 hours of gameplay out of this game which is amazing.

I think the standout area in this game are the boss fights which are brutal. Really awesome and really difficult at the same time which is amazing. It’s a perfect hybrid of platformer, souls type game and Metroidvania type game. 

Hollow knight art style is amazing and when you first get into it it’s kind of depressing to see the color palettes but as you progress in the game you explore new areas. There’s a green area with vegetation and there’s an area that has these jellyfish type enemies with like the purples that pop off the screen. Overall, the art and visuals are pretty unique and visually pleasing to look at.

I like the sound effects in this game in the way that they had the NPC’s sound unique and each sword and ability as well. The music was great, changing in every area or boss fight and you actually felt the intensity with some boss battles.

I have to give credit to the developers Team Cherry as honestly this game was amazing to play and like I said i am about 40 hours plus into this game. I love to take my time exploring every nook and cranny and I probably haven’t even explored around 50 percent of what is on offer in this game especially since this version of the game is with all the DLC in the expanded areas.

Overall if you like platform games this is an almost perfect game for you and it’s outstanding and unique and it’s like no other game I’ve really played before. I will definitely recommend this PS Plus game to everyone.


Hollow Knight is an amazing Metroidvania type game which features a labyrinth of caves to explore with unique loot, enemies and bosses. You wont regret getting lost in this game as everywhere there is something to do or to kill and secrets just lurking around every corner.


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