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Injustice 2 PS NOW Review

This series started all the way back in the early 90’s in the form of Mortal Kombat. Though that series had a really strong start it had its share of stinkers along the way but it has made its comeback with its more recent titles getting all the praise they deserve. NetherRealm Studios has also dealt in spin offs using the same engine and one of those series are the Injustice games.

A fighting game with more DC superheroes than you can imagine who all clash with each other in the intricate story about Superman losing his cool and is tricked by the Joker in killing his pregnant wife and then setting up a strict fascist regime. It’s basically a what if story about what would happen if Superman turned evil. First let’s talk about the single player campaign or the story mode in this case.

Fighting games often have an underwhelming story mode or is so short that you can finish it in an hour or two. Injustice 2 on the other hand has some of the best produced and thrilling cut scenes I’ve seen in any fighting game or games in general. Some of the cutscenes can be quite long but they’re made with such good care you will gladly sit through them.

The story of Injustice 2 continues after the events of the first Injustice with the Joker being dead and Superman that has been captured by Batman. In Injustice 2 the villain of the story is Brainiac, who was responsible for the destruction of Krypton and his goal is to destroy earth while conserving all the information gathered from the planet. Batman and his allies will be forced to work together with Superman again and the story in and of itself is just an absolute joy with new faces and characters getting introduced at a rapid rate. 

I would even say that the story and cinematics are better than most of the DC movies out there and it feels really awesome to see some of the dynamics of the characters since some of the bad guys will join Batman’s side as well. Classic characters like Catwoman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and many more all get their time to shine and plenty of screen time.

The story mode is divided up into chapters and each chapter you’ll be giving either one specific character to play or have the ability to choose between 2 fighters for the fights of that chapter. Each chapter has you partake in 4 fights giving it a short Arcade Mode feel in terms of length that you fight with each character. The reason for each fight makes way more sense than some of the other story modes in fighting games although there was a couple of instances where it didn’t really move the story along all that well.

Nevertheless, it is always exciting to see which new characters you get to be in each chapter and there’s not many times that it feels like filler. In the chapters we do get to choose which character we will fight as the game even has slightly different cut scenes and dialogue. The differences are quite small except for your choice in the end that does give you a big variation in the ending altogether.

The story itself is also quite mature with people physically dying and sometimes in pretty gruesome ways. It’s definitely awesome to showcase the DC universe with a more dark and mature tone and overall, it’s an amazing story. The fighting itself feels nice although it’s a bit sluggish compared to something like Dead or Alive where moves really flow into each other well. There’s a lot more blocking with quick jabs and kicks of a rather short distance and it is very similar to the Mortal Kombat series.

It feels like a system where individual moves are linked in a fluid combo and every move transitions naturally into each new movement but of course with the fact that you’re playing as Super heroes come with some nice surprises. If you play Supergirl or Superman for example you have abilities like ice breath or laser eyes to attack from a distance and those characters also float the entire time. Green Arrow can of course shoot arrows from a distance while others have abilities to buff their powers like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern.

Like so many fighting games have nowadays, Injustice 2 also has a super move ability that when activated it plays a nice animated cut scene which showcases an attack that will do incredible amounts of damage. The power bar fills slowly when damage is received and when it’s full you can unleash the attack at the right time. The bar however is also used on occasion when both fighters hit each other at the same time and when this occurs the game slows down a bit and both fighters are asked if they want to sacrifice a part of the power bar in order to do extra damage or be healed for a bit.

It’s a neat little event that takes place from time to time and creates some extra strategy as it gives you a chance to do quite a lot of damage but decreases the chance of you getting your super move. The super moves themselves are really cool and spectacular although can vary a bit in terms of quality and spectacle depending on the character. High profile characters like Batman or Supergirl definitely have far more spectacular super moves than someone like Blue Beetle.

A personal favorite of mine is the Flash’s super move where he runs back in time and smashes his opponent into an unexpected eating T-Rex which is very funny. Besides the story mode there’s a whole lot of other modes including well developed tutorials and an arcade style single player fighting mode. There’s a lot to unlock including different visuals for weapons and outfits and those who want to play and unlock content well after story mode can do so to their hearts content with this wonderful title.

Overall, it’s an awesome game and if I have to critique the game it will be that some of the voice acting is sometimes a bit off. Some of the one liners are a bit cringy and the delivery by some of the actors can be a bit stiff. Characters like Batman and Harley Quinn though really deliver with their actual animated voice actors taking on the role in the story. In the end injustice 2 really blew me away with its cinematic presentation and storytelling in a fighting game.

It is definitely one of best experiences I’ve had in a fighting game. Gameplay wise there might be other games that are more fluent and a bit more fun to play like Tekken and Soul Calibur but they have little to no story but overall Injustice 2 is absolutely stunning. I would definitely recommend Injustice 2 available on PS NOW to anyone that enjoys a good story or fighting games in general.


Injustice 2 has an amazing story with some crisp graphics and an abundance of characters to select. Definitely recommended to anyone who enjoys fighting games, the DC Universe or a good story.


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