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Little Nightmares PS NOW Review

Little Nightmares was developed by Tarsier Studios and was released in 2017. Little Nightmares is essentially a puzzle platformer with a lot of stealth mechanics and horror elements. It is available this month on PS NOW. When it comes to horror games in general you have to absolutely nail the atmosphere and this game oozes atmosphere. Little Nightmares is a terrifying game and it’s not terrifying in the traditional sense with loud noises, jump scares or trying to manipulate the audience to provoke a response out of them.

Little Nightmares is very subtle in its approach to horror and it’s a game that relies more on its stealth mechanics for its horror. Basically, when you’re exploring through this creepy facility called The Maw, you’ll come across these terrifying creatures and these creatures are really disturbing and not only their aesthetic design but also in their sound design. When a creature is right next to you and you can hear it breathing, sniffing, rummaging around, mumbling and looking for you and you are not ultimately too sure if it knows that you are there or not.

These are the moments that Little Nightmares excels in and it really adds a sense of fear when you play and it’s without using loud noises or jump scares. It does it with its atmosphere and that’s why this game absolutely nail the feeling of it. Another thing is the fact that the game gets progressively more and more disturbing from start to finish . It subverts your expectations almost to the point where I don’t really want to describe the things that happened. The main character makes a few choices here and there in the story and this isn’t a particularly long game.

At certain points in the game your character will have a ravenous hunger and will do absolutely anything to get food in order to sustain herself on her journey. A couple things your character does actually took me by surprise and was really disturbing to look at and there is some really disturbing imagery during those moments and throughout the whole entire game. There’s a moment in the beginning of the game where you just see a hanging pair of legs above a chair with a suicide note.

You’ll often see lots of disturbing imagery in the sense of bodies lying around and weird little black ooze creatures that you have to avoid. Your character is extremely small and you’ll come across a chair, a chest of drawers or even a household object and things are so much bigger than your character insinuating that either your character is unnaturally small or you are seeing it from the perspective of a child and that’s the mindset that this game puts you in.

You’re not quite sure whether what you’re seeing is an exaggerated view of what a child might see in a volatile situation or potentially that it’s real and there’s something supernatural going. Little Nightmares is a game that really makes you think and is a very thought-provoking game. This lasting ambiguity drives an enticing narrative that keeps you engaged even if the answers it provides aren’t entirely clear.

There are lots of themes on display like child abuse and general uprooting of a child’s existence with them going down a dark path and potentially becoming that which they fear. It’s a very subversive game that definitely made me want to play through it again but this game is very short coming in at around 4 or 5 hours and I took my time with this game exploring where I could. That and the straight forward puzzles are my only negatives with Little Nightmares.

The main character Six is an interesting protagonist to say the least and there’s a little bit of moral ambiguity with some of the things she does later in the game. The game’s finale and the way it ended was really creepy and really disturbing and I didn’t expect it. There was a sort of boss battle towards the end of the game which was without a doubt the creepiest of all the monsters.

It was this big tall oriental looking lady in a mask who your character has nightmarish visions about at the start of the game and she is terrifying. There are chase sequences in the game which really get your heart racing where you are just running for dear life and just hoping you don’t get caught and if you take a wrong turn or crash into something you just know you are going to die.

You will have some trial and error and overall, it’s a pretty fun but terrifying game. Little Nightmares 2 just released last week so this is a great opportunity to check if you enjoy these types of games. I would recommend Little Nightmares if you want to get your heart racing and give yourself some adrenaline. It’s a fun game to play and fans of horror games or platformers should check out this game on PS NOW.


Haunting and tense narrative with an enthralling visual and audio design. Puzzles however are often too straightforward and the games short length makes you want to explore everything its world has to offer. Overall a very tense yet short and fun game.


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