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Need for Speed Payback PS Plus review

Need for Speed Payback is an open world racing game that also has a multi-player option but the main thing of this game is actually the story line. In the story line it’s about getting pay back on someone so that’s where the title comes from but I’m not going to tell you anymore about that because I don’t want to spoil it.

Basically, in the story you have to do a bunch of races and you have to earn a lot of money and with that money you can buy cars, modify them and tune them and all those things, so regular things that you would expect in a car/racing game. The handling and power inside the cars made the strongest invitation for me to explore Payback’s open world.

There is a Reputation system in this game and its just really a player’s current experience level. You earn reputation for basically anything in this game that can be used for base shipment drops that can earn you cash or customizations for your car.

There’s a lot of activities on the map so it’s actually perfect for an open world racing game. The first type of thing that you have on the map are the events and these are part of the story so if you want to continue with the story you have to do those events.

The other ones are just races that you can do whenever you want and with these races you earn money and with that money you can use it to tune your car, modify your car and stuff like that or to buy new cars.

In Need for Speed Payback you basically have 5 types of cars and for each type of car you also have its own race so for example you have off road cars and with these you can do the off-road races. In these off-road races, you can only use off-road cars that are color coded on the map.

The next thing we have are the activities and are basically just small challenges that you can complete while you’re roaming around in free mode. For example in Speed Trap you have to drive through the checkpoint with a certain speed for example 180 miles per hour and each activity has 3 stars so you can redo them for better rewards.

Other locations on the map are gas stations that you can use for fast travel or you can also use them to restore your car and fill up your nitro.

Garages are where you can store your cars and you can also modify them. In 1 garage you cannot store that many cars but you also have this huge warehouse where you can store your cars so if you’re kind of bored of 1 car you can just put them in your warehouse for a while and then afterwards you can just get it back.

The things that you can modify on your car in your garage is obviously your paint job and you can also make a wrap. You can do this manually and do this all by yourself but the wrap you have all these kinds of shapes and figures that you can use to make your own wrap.

Then you can just save it or you also have the option called library and in this library, you actually have all these wraps that people uploaded over the years and this games from 2017 so we have a lot of wraps. You can just download them and put them on your car so this is very cool and there’s a huge selection to choose from. On the tuning you don’t have a lot of options just the height and then the camber.

The camber is basically just the angle of your wheels and I don’t really know what the effect of this was. Then you also have the visual customization so basically all the parts that you want to change. Though if you just started with the game you probably have to unlock a lot of things so in the beginning you won’t be able to do a lot but after you play the game you will unlock all of these things.

You don’t have to unlock them by getting a certain level, you just have to unlock them by doing simple tasks and each of these parts has a task that you have to do for example 3 jumps or something like that and then you unlock it. The performance customization basically works with speed cards in Need for Speed Payback and you have 6 types of them.

You have the head, turbo, block, exhaust, ECU and the gearbox and if you get better cards the cars performance will be better. Cards can be unlocked by doing races or you can buy them and the cards are actually only for one car. You can remove cards and put them on other cards if you got a great card.

Top Up stores are where you can buy the speed cards to boost up the performance of your car and as I said earlier you can buy them or you can unlock them in races. If you buy them it will be more expensive of course so for each type of card you also have a different variant of a different brand and stuff like that. Each card will have a different effect so you have to decide the best cards for you. 

You can also buy cards with real life money if you want to get a head start but you can just unlock everything by playing the game so it’s not really necessary. In the dealerships you can buy cars and for each type of car you have a different dealership.

You also have collectibles and these are pretty much billboards that you have to drive through and casino chips that earns you cash and reputation and then you have postcards where you track down derelicts and this is quite enjoyable but also adds five wrecks to your garage, which can then be fixed up into much better rides than the standard vehicles.

You unlock these postcards by completing certain missions you’ll encounter in the game. There’s also a multiplayer mode but as I said earlier you cannot do anything except for roaming around with your cars from single player or you can also race against other people online and that was pretty much it. Be sure to check out this game on PS Plus this month if you are into racing games.


Need For Speed Payback is a fun racing game with an average story but the card system is pretty good. The police presence is lacking as they only appear in certain missions and Need For Speed Payback isn’t a bad game at its core but its execution has been a bit lacking.


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