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Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville EA Play Review

Battle for Neighborville is the kind of sort of sequel to Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2. For those unfamiliar with this game allow me to do a quick recap. Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare is an online class based first person shooter series. Let’s talk about this newest entry in the series Battle for Neighborville as its basically Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2 but done better in almost every way.

Players are split into two corresponding sides, plants on one team and zombies on the other. The players will fight over a number of objectives or other points of interest while doing their best to eliminate enemy players. In addition to human players each side it is also manned by a number of supportive AI minions. Players can choose to play one of a number of classes in the game as either attack, defense or support.

Anyone familiar with games like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch or Paladins should be familiar with this particular class layout structure. Each character has unique weapon loadouts and an accompanying set of cooldown abilities which works well especially when used in combination with other teammates which can make an enormous difference on the battlefield. They have added 3 new plant classes and 4 new zombie classes which makes it an even more chaotic experience.

The visual and sound effects style of these games tends to be very vividly silly and exaggerated. These games are very self-aware of how silly the whole plants fighting zombies’ concept is and doubles down on this to the extreme at every turn.

The explorable open world hub you start off in has been greatly rebuilt in this newest iteration instead of returning to the generic small suburban town setting of Garden Warfare 2. You get this highly detailed carnival area as well as this area that seems something like a cross between a hedge maze and a garden which is pretty cool. Sadly, this does seem a bit smaller than the old suburban town hub world from Garden Warfare 2 as that one had lots of underground and otherwise hidden areas to explore.

This one seems mostly contained on one flat sprawling level. The good news is that in addition to the new hub world you also get access to the previous one, this time updated with new updated models and updated visuals. Two open ended hub worlds can be accessed making the open world aspect of the game easily much larger and more diverse than any of the previous entries in the series.

Game modes in Plants versus Zombies has its own weird alternate take on popular FPS game modes like Capture Point, King of the Hill, Payload and Team Deathmatch. Payload in particular has spawned 2 corresponding knock off modes in Battle for Neighborville.

In one of these modes the attacking team will attempt to control a capture point in order to spawn this AI controlled boss which will march down a predetermined path towards the opposing teams’ base. The defending team in turn will attempt to either destroy the boss out right or at the very least stall it from ultimately fulfilling its eventual goal of total annihilation.

The boss can openly rain down fire on any enemies within its sight and has a very large health pool making it very difficult, although certainly not impossible to successfully kill it. The other Payload game mode is more akin to Overwatch where the attacking team will capture the control point then a floating payload car will spawn and they’ll have to protect it and escort it at all times.

In addition to the main PVP modes there is a co-op PVE wave-based tower defense mode where players team up to prevent increasingly large waves of AI enemies from attacking and potentially destroying a specific objective.

Over time at the conclusion of every match players will be awarded a certain amount of in game currency simply referred to as coins. Coins can be redeemed for single item loot boxes which can be purchased for 30000 coins apiece. This replaces the sticker shop in previous games. In my experience I would usually earn around 8000 – 12000 coins per match so realistically every 3 to 4 games or so I’d have earned enough to open a loot box. You can also get coins in treasure chests scattered around the map which you can buy treasure maps for to locate them easily.

Of course, for a few days now I’ve completely forgot about the whole loot box element and just racked up currency, ultimately possessing over 250000 coins before I finally realized how to actually use them. As far as the quality of said cosmetics go, they’re not bad. Some games like Overwatch only have a few interesting cosmetics per character with the vast majority being just really generic color changes to the characters existing default appearance.

Here they do a pretty decent although unremarkable job of making your character look even more ridiculous than they did to begin with, which is at least consistent with the game’s tone. One minor flaw I noticed with the game which didn’t really significantly hamper my experience but are still worth noting is that the game despite its very obvious Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch inspired character class system does not have any sort of role queue system.

I literally had a game where we had one defense character and 5 healers and when you’re playing on offense that’s not exactly an ideal team composition. At the end of the day Battle for Neighborville doesn’t offer to reinvent the wheel but rather acts less like a direct sequel and more like a very elaborate and expensive piece of DLC for the previous game in the series and that’s fine.

Battle for Neighborville has more or less everything I’d expect or want in a Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare game. Overall if you’re a fan of the series or if you’re looking for really wacky but entertaining team-based shooter game to pass the time with Battle for Neighborville is one of the best modern contenders. Check it out on EA Play now.


If you're looking for a fun game that you can enjoy with your friends online, then Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the game for you. With 3 new plant classes and 4 new zombie classes added its an even more chaotic experience. Fun combat and a good amount of modes and activities to enjoy ranging from PvE to PvP or just running around the giant carnival hub will keep you entertained for weeks.


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