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Rage 2 PS NOW Review

Rage 2 was developed by ID Software and Avalanche Studios. So, let’s dig into the insane world of Rage 2 available on PlayStation NOW. It is a first-person shooter game and the sequel to the standalone title Rage which was released originally in 2011. I feel like the design is structured pretty well but I believe it does have some flaws.

When you take your first steps in the game and begin shooting your way out there is an awkward transition that personally pulled me out of the experience before I even really began playing the game. I figured it was the bombarding of enemies that are thrown at you right out of the gate but no that is not what it was.

It was actually the controls that causes this immersion factor. The controls are kind of clunky which I didn’t expect from the developers of the most recent Doom reboot but you know I am playing the game on PS4 and honestly it feels like it was ported poorly from the PC control scheme to the console.

I’ll give it credit though because once you are past the introduction of the game, the balance of the controls seems to become easier to adjust to as I progress further in the game. Once the controls began to cooperate with me, I realized that the combat in Rage 2 is where the development was heavily focused during its production stages.

As I became more and more adjusted to the awkward controls, I felt the game was starting to shine in its post-apocalyptic theme that it was going for. Considering the fact that there’s only a handful of post-apocalyptic games out right now.

The driving mechanics was also something that bugged me as for an open world game the cars were kind of slow and the handling didn’t feel good. I decided to let my first session with the controls go and at the very least just try to enjoy the carnage that was presented to me so early on in the story. Once you progress further, you’ll eventually unlock different abilities and weapon modifications that will ultimately highlight the combat in a much better light. 

I found myself actually wanting to expand my arsenal of abilities and frequently caught myself exploring every nook and cranny of an area just so I can maximize another ability out.

There is a major RPG element to this game and I believe this is what will keep me engaged for many hours to come. It hasn’t forced me to level up a certain ability that I never wanted to and allowed me enough freedom to make my character feel like it was truly of my own creation and not some copy and pasted superhero and I really enjoyed that feeling while playing the game. 

The graphics in Rage 2 will not disappoint you and for being a game that takes place in the desert I was surprised to see such detail and color within the game’s world. From the rusty roofs of the shacks to tinge hue of the hot desert sun. The graphics were not skimped at all during the development process. 

I remember a key moment when I was first playing the game I was cruising along the road with the aging sunset off in the distance and headed on my way to the next ability unlock area and I saw an enemy occupied gas station on the side of the road and I hopped out of my cruiser and sent a grenade over to the gas pumps.

The explosions rang out and I could hear the booms stretch for about a mile out from where we were. The explosion lit up my entire screen with such a distinctive color palette that for the first time I felt like my actions actually had a real effect within the game world. If that doesn’t explain how well the graphics have been incorporated within this game I don’t know what can. 

The story was something that irked me from the beginning and if you’re wondering if you need to play the original Rage to enjoy the sequel, you’ll be happy to know that you do not have to all. There’s enough backstory reference within the first hours to get the gist of what happened in the original game.

The story irks me only because I found myself not really caring about the characters all that much, the characters seem rushed and so standard as if the developers just needed to fill them in to guide the story along to the end. It seems like the story of Rage 2 was pushed to the back of the pile for some reason but maybe that’s just me.

Perhaps you will play this game and you’ll find the qualities of the story that I couldn’t and enjoyed it to its full potential. 

Overall I believe Rage 2 is a diamond in the rough and even with its flaws that I’ve covered so far, I still think it’s a solid game and there’s a lot of fun to be had here especially the gameplays.


Rage 2 delivers satisfying combat in a beautiful open world game with diverse environments and some great enemies but it falls flat with the forgettable story, characters and terrible driving mechanics.


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