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Rocket Arena Season 3 Update

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Rocket Arena Season 3 Update brings us a lot to celebrate about. For starters, check out the new customization items in the Blast Pass and then meet the new competitor!

Meet Gant, a powerful competitor who doesn’t just pack a punch… but also a rocket rifle and the ability to transform. As Gant charges up, he’s able to unleash Crater’s guardian protector, the mighty Golden Gryphon.

At the start of Season 3 every hero has access to three new expression categories. They can’t help but get stylish before a battle, emote mid-match, or strike a pose after a Victory.

To cap it all off, the championship tour has found some new friends: Totem companions! Competitors and visitors alike should keep their eyes on the Blast Pass for more friends to call their own.

New Competitor: GANT

As Crater’s resident superhero, the Golden Gryphon, Gant is a unique Competitor in Rocket Arena who has two unique Forms with completely different abilities and attributes. Over the course of the battle, Gant transforms between his Normal and Hero Forms automatically based upon his unique resource, the Hero Gauge.

In his Normal form, Gant rapidly fires Talon Rockets at opponents, filling his Hero Gauge with each hit. When the fighting gets too intense, he can use his Guard ability to shield himself and gain the advantage on his opponents, reducing his damage taken and gaining Hero Gauge when hit. Gant’s powerful Leap helps him close the distance, helping him to finish off opponents by reloading his weapon and granting him a damage boost, or allowing him to gain Hero Gauge by jumping into the fray with his Guard ability. Additionally, Gant gains Hero Gauge passively over time while in Normal Form.

When Gant’s Hero Gauge is filled, he automatically transforms into his Hero Form, the legendary Golden Gryphon! While in Hero Form, Gant trades his Talon Rockets for Gryphon Gauntlets, allowing him to hurl mighty gusts of wind at his opponents and all evil doers alike. As a proper superhero, Gant can use his Flying Charge to bolt across the sky faster than a speeding rocket.

He can also use Flying Charge to get up close and personal with his opponents in order to use his Whirlwind ability, turning Gant into a powerful spinning vortex, pulling opponents in and constantly damaging them. Additionally, Gant takes reduced damage while in Hero Form, gains increased mobility, and players can make him descend slowly by holding the Jump input while in air. Finally, while in Hero Form, the Hero Gauge depletes over time, and when it runs out, Gant will automatically transform back into Normal Form.

New Customization Type: EMOTES

Season 3 introduces a whole new way to customize heroes in Rocket Arena with three emote expression categories. Players will be able to make their heroes emote in-game, activate their Ready emote during the Pre-Game sequence, and customize their favorite hero’s Victory Pose after winning a match!

Chat Emotes

Express your thoughts or highlight a great play using the in-game Chat Emotes to make your hero play an animation, even while moving!

  • Press the chat button in the lower-left of the screen at any time to make the hero animate right in the middle of the action.
  • To start, all characters have four default animations that are automatically equipped.
  • In-Game Emotes never get in the way of making an epic play! Players can emote at any point without worry, as it can be interrupted by their actions or by getting hit by an opponent.

Ready Emotes

After players select their Hero in the Pre-Game menu, they will be able to use the chat buttons in the bottom left of the screen to perform Ready Emote animations and show off their style to their teammates.

  • There are four Ready Emote slots available for players to customize.
  • Players will have a default Ready Emote equipped to start for all heroes.
  • Mix and match Ready Emotes to create fun combinations.

Victory Poses

Players can show off their own style of celebration during the Post-Game Victory sequence. All heroes have a default Victory Pose to start for when they’re on the winning team.

  • When the winning team is shown after a match, the heroes will strike a Victory Pose automatically.
  • Player’s can equip new Victory poses to show their style.
  • Each hero has one Victory Pose customization slot that can be modified.

How to Equip Expressions

To equip available expressions; enter the Competitor’s tab in the Front End UI and select a hero to customize. Located next to the Outfits, Artifacts, and Progress buttons, there is a new button that says ‘Expressions’. Each Rocket Championship Tour Competitor has three different Expression categories that can be customized.

  • Chat Emotes have four slots available. There are four Chat Emote animations equipped to each hero by default and all of them can be rearranged or replaced with new emotes as they’re acquired.
  • Ready Emote has four slots available. As Ready emotes are unlocked they can be equipped into any slot, rearranged, or replaced as new Ready emotes are acquired.
  • Victory Pose has one slot available. There is a default animation equipped in each Expression category to start.

New Customization Type: COMPANIONS

Companions have been added as a new Totem customization option. More Companions can be acquired through the Blast Pass or through direct purchase.

Totem Companions have been added as a new Totem customization option! Players can equip Totem Companions to their Totems and show them off in the Pre-Game and Post-Game screens! Companions each have a unique intro animation and come to a rest atop your Totem! Additional Companions can be acquired through the Blast Pass or through direct purchase.


We’ve added three new Artifacts this Season and adjusted a few to change up the meta (looking at you Coldsnap Locket).

Forever Snowman (Slot 1)

  • Briefly become Invulnerable for (1 / 1.25 / 1.5)s when entering Megablast Danger; Blast Meter regen delay increased by 1.5s

Championship Trophy (Slot 2)

  • Rocket Jumps have more directional control and increase movement speed by (15 / 17.5 / 20)% for 2s

Dark Matter (Slot 3)

  • Using an Item increases your damage and impulse dealt by 5%, reduces damage and impulse taken by 5%, and increases your speed by 20% for (4 / 4.5 / 5)s

Current Artifact Tuning

  • Frozen Bubble (Slot 1)
    • Increased from (1 / 1.25 / 1.5)s to (1.5 / 1.75 / 2)s
  • Jaaqua Amulet (Slot 1)
    • Increased from (15 / 17.5 / 20)% to (20 / 22.5 / 25)%
  • Coldsnap Locket (Slot 2)
    • Reduced from (50 / 75 / 100)% to (30 / 40 / 50)%
  • Crystal Crown (Slot 3)
    • Reduced from (30 / 35 / 40)% to (20 / 25 / 30)%


Look your very best! All players will receive a Gant Ready Expression!, and purchasing the Blast Pass will immediately unlock Epic BlastBird, Legendary Topnotch Zephyr Salute Ready Expression, and the 100% Personal Blast Pass XP Boost, and 10% Party Blast Pass XP Boost! Like previous Blast Pass’s this one will be 950 Rocket Fuel.

Themed Blast Pass Outfits

Inspired by the new Competitor, Blastbeard and Plink forge their own outfits in an effort to join forces with Gant, unfortunately, Gant is a hero who is used to working alone.

Game Modes and Maps

Map and Mode Selection

  • We’ve improved our mode selection logic to better allow us to increase or decrease a mode’s probability in a playlist
  • We’ve added more modes to several maps they weren’t on previously for more variety in the playlist

Bug Fixes


  • Flux
    • Black Hole Cat (Secondary)
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the projectile absorption effect to remain active if two Black Hole Cats merged together
      • Explosion AoE now properly impulses the Rocketball
      • Charging SFX will now end if Flux’s Secondary Ability is cancelled.
  • Fluxverse (Special)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Flux to fire Rockats from Fluxverse without cancelling her Special Ability


  • Flitt Snare (Secondary)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause competitors to drift after being affected by this ability


  • Mag Mines (Secondary)
    • Fixed an issue causing Mag Mines to clip through some walls if thrown while very close to the surface


  • Speed Boost
    • Fixed an issue where the item’s field of view increase would stack when using multiple Speed Boost items.


  • General
    • Fixed multiple areas where competitors could get stuck inside of geometry while using movement abilities

Season 3’s update is out right now so go and try the new Hero competitor and level up that Blast Pass.

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