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Rocket League Season 2 Update

Psyonix has released their latest Season 2 update to Rocket League introducing a new EDM themed arena and music.

A new Battle Pass, vehicles, music, arena and more will be unlockable.

Kicking off Rocket League Season 2’s music celebrations is EDM artist Kaskade. He has created new music content that players will be able to experience in-game. Kaskade will produce an EP of material made for Rocket League Season 2 and one song, “Flip Reset,” is available now in-game and features the artist Will K. It’s also the song used in the Season 2 trailer below.


Players will soon have a new way to celebrate after scoring a goal in the form of Player Anthems. Player Anthems play throughout the arena for all players whenever a goal is scored, Epic Saves are made or if a player is MVP at the end of a match.

Player Anthems can be obtained the same way as other items through Player Challenges, the Item Shop and the Rocket Pass. The Anthems will also use the same rarity system as other items so some Player Anthems will be rarer to obtain than others. That said, Psyonix is giving players their first five anthems for free.


The Rocket League Season 2 Pass has 70 tiers of rewards.

When it comes to the Rocket League Season 2 Pass, there is a Premium option available for 1,000 credits which will give you access to all 70 tiers of rewards and weekly challenges.

The Premium Pass is described as follows (via the game’s official website):

“Immediately unlock the all-new R3MX and get additional weekly and season challenges. Plus get access to the pro tiers beyond tier 70.”

In addition to the Premium Pass, there is also a Rocket Pass Bundle for 2,000 credits. Its description says that it will “unlock R3MX plus 12 additional tiers”.

You can find all the tier rewards for Rocket League Season 2 on the game’s website, otherwise you can find the tiers for notable vehicle prizes down below:

  • R3MX – tier 1
  • Spatiotemporal (Universal) – tier 22
  • Rocketeer (Breakout)- tier 28
  • Fat Line (R3MX) – tier 34
  • Veracious (R3MX) – tier 37
  • Monsoon – tier 44
  • Sequin – tier 56
  • Huntress (R3MX) – tier 63
  • R3MX GXT – tier 70

There’s also a few additional updates that will accompany Season 2. New rewards, weekly and season challenges and quality of life improvements.


Rocket Labs are back in Season 2 and will be added throughout Season 2 as a Casual Limited Time Mode Playlist or LTM for short. In this LTM, you’ll be able to play non-standard, and even experimental Arenas as well as other game modes and mutators. Veteran players will remember Rocket Labs from the early years of Rocket League. A new Rocket Labs arena will be added to the playlist that’s an even bigger throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Stay tuned later in Season 2 when Rocket Labs will make its LTM debut! 

The new update is live so be sure to check out the new rocket pass and all these cool new features.

If you missed our review of the game check it out here.

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