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Rogue Company Free to Play Review

Rogue company is a third person 4v4 free to play shooter game from Hi-Rez Studios that brought us other successful free to play games like Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale. It is a team-based shooter that basically combines games like Overwatch and Counter strike into this fun experience that requires teamwork and patience. You pick these special types of characters and they have different abilities and you play across a variety of modes.

The game features cross play and cross progression. It’s very fast paced and quite aggressive in terms of the combat as you can die really quickly, you get a wide range of weapons and tools and I should also mention that it does not require PS plus in order to play. They’ve got a good selection of modes and ways to interact with the game.

First off the modes.

Demolition mode is your most competitive mode which feels reminiscent of Counter Strike’s Search and Destroy but with six rounds per side. Extraction mode is a control point mode, where teams fight over an area of the map and the control point changes from round to round.

Strikeout is a team deathmatch like mode where eliminating players and control points diminishes the opposing team’s number of lives. Like Counter Strike you’re able to spend the money you’re earning each round in order to improve your abilities, tools and get different guns.

They do have a variety of different classes and different ways to experience the actual game itself which is great. Each Rogue has unique perks, guns, gadgets, melee weapons, special ability, and passive ability.

Some have abilities like they can move quickly, another character had a fire attack and another guy puts up a giant shield. It’s kind of picking someone on the roster that fits your playstyle in order to be the most effective with them. It is hard core in the sense that you’re dying quickly and you have to move smartly within the environment in order to be successful with your squad and communication is key. 

You get these really great and interesting looking maps that feature a number of ways to move through them fast and it’s got fast paced action the whole time. There is a good selection of maps available and they’ve got some really cool ones present like a couple of futuristic ones. You have zip lines or grappling hooks on the maps to kind of get to places faster which is great for mobility.

You have to be really watchful in these maps in regards to your movements and where you can go because they got so many chokepoints and specific cut outs that kind of focuses you around on the map and sends you off in different directions that you have to be careful with.

You get options for pinpointing what you’re doing on maps and your general goals which is kind of neat and again visually I think it really does present some cool medium size maps that you get to battle on and they’ve got decent backdrops to them. 

The intense action is sort of like futuristic but still a stylized older world that you get to visit in some maps. Other maps are a little bit more futuristic and you get a skyline with zip lines and its really cool and you have to be tactical and creative about it.

The store that you can open up between each round mixes things up further as you actually have to be wary of what kind of perks, guns, weapons and gadgets you’re going to buy between rounds in order to improve your character. One thing that really does impress me about this game is the whole rendering of the world and the visual quality and the fluidity as it really just seems to be quite top notch across the experience and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality.

The models of the characters looked really spectacular. I think they’ve done a really good job of providing a well-rounded shooter that’s fun, engaging and a little intense. I think it fits into a different style of the hero shooter that we’ve seen a lot of over time because they have a few hero things but the characters do have a lot of distinct unique personality to them which is kind of fun.

If you’re an objective fan like I am and I really do like objective based games you get a few different options which are a little bit wild and something to keep you on your toes. It also digs a little bit into that Counter Strike type of game genre that has been quite popular recently and we have seen a number of similar titles released recently which has really kept that interesting.

They’ve really put together something that is quite compelling for a free to play shooter as you see so many options these days and I think this one might be worth checking out if it’s something that is intriguing to you based on the play style , the cool characters and the sense you’re getting a full package that you could take anywhere and that you don’t feel limited by the free to play elements of it as it doesn’t really impact your gameplay at all.


This is a great fully cross play, fully cross progression enabled experience and it has a great roster of characters and an excellent selection of maps to play on and different ways to interact with it across different modes.


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