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Splitgate Infinite Battle Pass Update

Hi Splitfam! Even though this is the final major update to Splitgate after 2 seasons of Battle Pass Updates, we still have a bunch of patch notes to share. If this is the first time you’ve heard about a final update, check out our recent letter and FAQ. Those two sources will tell you why Splitgate development is ending, why 1047 Games is focused on the next game and some other questions you might have. If you’re already informed, let’s talk about Splitgate Infinite Battle Pass season and more.

Like our previous seasonal updates, there’s a new Battle Pass, some gameplay tweaks, and a ton of bug fixes. The main difference with this update is our focus on making Splitgate last for the long term without new features. Earlier this week we revealed the free Infinite Battle Pass and the new duplicate item drops system. Read all about it in our previous blog or keep reading about it in the patch notes below.

Don’t go anywhere, after the notes I’m revealing what’s next for Splitgate!

Splitgate Infinite Battle Pass and season

  • New, free 100 level Battle Pass complete with three new characters, weapon skins, Splitcoin, and more
  • After completing 100 levels, the Battle Pass will reward players with a free drop every 5 levels after that, infinitely
  • Premium Season challenges are now free – this means all parts of the Battle Pass are free for everyone
  • High-quality brand new character season reward for completing all “Free” tier challenge stages
  • Added Beta Season 2 Ranked Reward gun skins, will distribute sometime after the Sept. 15 update


  • Bullet size no longer increases when being shot through a portal
  • Improved melee damage connections around portals


  • Removed “Beta” label from the Splitgate name


  • New Simulation Map “India”

Custom Games

  • Added “Download Map” button to custom lobbies for the host
  • Added “Promote to Host” button for custom/forge lobbies

Map Creator

  • Map sharing codes are now 9 digits long rather than 16 (Old 16 digit codes still work)
  • Improved pathfinding for bots on custom maps
  • Fixed issue that prevented bots from moving at the start of a game on some custom maps

Quick Play

  • Added a No Portals playlist to Quick Play, which includes
  • Retro Domination
  • Retro Team Deathmatch
  • Retro King of the Hill
  • Retro Capture the Flag
  • Removed the Fiesta playlist
  • Renamed “Sniper Frenzy” to “Firing Frenzy”
  • Added Fiesta Team Deathmatch to Firing Frenzy


  • Added Pro Tiers 16-25 and respective badges


  • Added many more items to the item drop pool
  • New duplicate item system introduced to drops:
  • If a drop would give the player a duplicate item, instead, it’ll give XP with a chance of Splitcoin depending on the rarity
  • Common: 1000 XP
  • Rare: 2000 XP
  • Epic: 5000 XP + 50 Splitcoin
  • Legendary: 10000 XP + 100 Splitcoin
  • Depending on how many items have already been unlocked in the item drop pool, the chance of finding a duplicate item will change
  • 100% locked item drop pool = 100% chance to get a new item
  • 90% locked = 90% new item chance
  • 80% locked = 80% new item chance
  • 70% locked = 70% new item chance
  • 60% locked = 60% new item chance
  • 50% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 40% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 30% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 20% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 10% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 5% locked = 50% new item chance
  • 4% locked = 40% new item chance
  • 3% locked = 30% new item chance
  • 2% locked = 20% new item chance
  • 1% locked = 10% new item chance


  • Added several sprays from the Splitgate MVPs
  • Added new nametags
  • Added moderator skins for the Splitgate moderator team

Game modes

Added the following game modes to the game for future featured playlists:

  • Bounty (Neutral CTF Variant)
  • Paintball Neutral CTF
  • Laser Flag
  • Laser Ball
  • Grif Flag
  • FFA Snipers
  • FFA Shotty Snipers
  • Fiesta One Flag CTF
  • Fiesta VIP
  • Fiesta Team Splitball
  • Survival Brawl
  • Retro Contamination (Retro = No portals)
  • Retro Team Snipers
  • Retro Team Shotty Snipers
  • Retro Big Head Snipers
  • Retro Team SWAT
  • Retro Gun Game
  • Retro FFA
  • Retro FFA Fiesta
  • Retro King of the Hill
  • Retro One Flag CTF


  • Changed Contamination to allow all players to portal, rather than only Zombies
  • “Contamination Classic” mirrors how Contamination used to work before
  • “Retro Contamination” where no one can portal
  • Added additional custom settings to the contamination game mode in custom games

Bug Fixes, miscellaneous

  • Fixed bug preventing the HUD from toggling in replays
  • Fixed exploit with NVIDIA Photo Mode being used in-game
  • Fixed bug that made players continue to run straight in Final Killcam
  • Fixed bug that made players stop moving in Final Killcam
  • Fixed bug in Spectator mode that didn’t show all players at the start of a match
  • Fixed bug in Spectator mode that didn’t show spawn timers or player stats
  • Fixed bug that showed a 1-frame flicker at death
  • Fixed bug with the Plasma Rifle that made cooldown fail
  • Fixed visual bug with the Shotgun and Rocket Launcher’s reload flicker
  • Fixed several issues affecting the post game screens after a match
  • Fixed issue that would send a player through another player’s portal as it is made
  • Fixed bug that caused square-shaped hills to have circle hill particle effects
  • Fixed several issues with the UI, flags, and flag stands on One Flag CTF
  • Fixed bug that made players spawn with 1 or 0 weapons on Showdown
  • Fixed several localization errors, especially German localizations
  • Fixed several VFX bugs with various weapon and character skins
  • Fixed challenges that were broken
  • Fixed bug in King of the Hill where overtime doesn’t trigger properly if the losing team contests or controls a hill in the final second
  • Various optimizations, including improvements to Abyss

That’s all for this update, so what’s next for Splitgate? First, expect a post-update hotfix to resolve unexpected issues that may come from today’s release. That will come in the following weeks. After that, Splitgate won’t be receiving any more updates unless a widespread, game-breaking bug needs fixing. A game-breaking bug is any issue that prevents a large number of players from playing the game. Other than that, our engineers and artists are completely focused on the next game. 

But that’s not the end of Splitgate’s story! Servers are staying up indefinitely, and the community team and I will continue to cycle featured playlists, update the item shop, put community made maps on rotation, and host community events! We’ll continue to pay close attention to any feedback you have about featured playlists and events.

This was a bittersweet patch notes blog to write, but remember this is simply the end of one era and the start of another. As always, I’ll see you in the Arena!

Splitgate Infinite Battle Pass features 100 levels of brand new exclusive content, new item drops, and a new duplicate system in this final update for Splitgate.

Source – Splitgate

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