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Stranded Deep PS Plus Review

Stranded Deep is a survival game that is available this month on PS Plus. The game starts off where your plane crash lands and you are stranded on a desert island. It is up to you to survive the elements until you can design, create and build everything you need to escape from the situation that you’re in. 

Stranded Deep plays more or less the same as other survival games like Conan Exiles, Subnautica or The Long Dark. When you start Stranded Deep, you get the option of just doing a game using the existing world that the team have provided for you which is what I did initially or you can try cartographer mode.

Then I did a little bit of experimenting with the cartographer mode which is basically where you could design your own island from scratch and decide how many rocks or trees you want on the island or things like what ship wrecks are around the island. You can also just go into a random island when you start a new game that will be generated from scratch so you don’t really know what to expect. So, you got a few options here but essentially the gameplay loop remains the same no matter which island you’re on.

You crash land and you get on the shore and it’s up to you to start crafting and creating to survive the elements. Anyone familiar with survival games like this will know the kind of things they need to do. You need to pick up sticks, rocks, fiber and a few other things that you would normally need to get in a game like this to survive and start crafting things. You need food and water so initially you’re surviving on a diet of crabs that are roaming around the shoreline. You have to craft a knife to get these crabs and then skin them and then you have to craft a campfire to cook them on.  

All that kind of stuff that’s mostly the same with games like Conan Exiles and Stranded Deep felt similar to that for me without the threat. With a lot of these survival games and what keeps the interest up is the threat level. In Conan Exiles you get all kinds of threats like beasts, demons, undead and many others and in Subnautica it’s the threat of the unknown and all those weird and wonderful sea creatures that are out there.

In Stranded Deep all you really get is the elements, sharks and snakes and there is not an awful lot on display here to generate fear to progress or fear to protect which I think is the biggest weakness here. But that’s not to say that Stranded Deep isn’t enjoyable and its more of a budget title but there are far better survival games on the market. Games like Conan Exiles and Subnautica are far more polished than this and the mechanics are far more rewarding. Essentially what you’re getting here is a decent enough tutorial.

It teaches you the basics and then leaves you on your own and you’ve got the usual crafting menu where you craft basic things and as your skills improve your overall level of crafting improves so that you can craft bigger and better things. Anything from a camp fire to a fire pit and then something to cook meat on. You can build a basic tent so that you can save the game initially and then can build camp beds and then eventually you’ll start building full on buildings and bases and things like that which is all well and good however like I said earlier there’s not an awful lot of threat in Stranded Deep.

You are building this base just to survive the elements really but the elements aren’t really that dangerous because it usually tells you in the daylight sun that you need to get to shade as you are getting too hot and if it rains it will give you a warning. The biggest issue with Stranded Deep is the eating and drinking especially early on in the game where initially you have a couple of rations that you find on the lifeboat.

Usually if you look around there’ll be a shipwreck or two and dependent on if you are using the existing world there’s definitely one ship wreck out on shore but if you use a random one there might be more. If you go on these ships you will usually find some extra bits and pieces or extra rations and other things to help you and occasionally other equipment that you’ll be able to use. It is a reasonably easy game to pick up and learn how to play but the gameplay loop for me is lacking a bit because it’s not overly challenging and the threat level is not particularly big.

Stranded Deep itself is fairly rough around the edges and I mean obviously it’s not Triple A title and I didn’t expect perfection here but it doesn’t feel like a complete game as the islands aren’t very big. Subnautica is a much better survival game overall with more underwater focused survival but if you enjoy Survival games or you are looking to kill some time then try out Stranded Deep on PS Plus this month.


Stranded Deep does a decent job at being a survival game with some nice crafting options but without any real danger there's not much urgency after you have enough food and water and most of the islands are the same.


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  • Reply
    Jasmine | Poppies and Jasmine
    May 10, 2021 1:09 pm

    I haven’t played Stranded Deep on PS but I do play on my laptop, and I love it. I’m not much for fighting and violence, so I actually like that it’s more focused on natural elements. I get really involved when I run out of resources on my and surrounding islands, and have to venture farther away.
    I’ll have to check out Subnautica – it sounds interesting.

  • Reply
    May 10, 2021 4:09 pm

    Yeah Stranded Deep is very chilled and doesn’t have too many over the top moments. The slow paced gameplay is quite fun compared to Subnautica which is a lot more tense and has some jump scares as well.

  • I haven’t played any survival games, but you’ve definitely peaked my interest. I think it’s time I look into trying one. Stranded Deep sounds like it might be a good one to start out with. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    May 11, 2021 5:08 pm

    Thanks for information

  • Reply
    O Says
    May 11, 2021 5:09 pm

    U good

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