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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition PS Plus Review

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition is available this month on PS Plus and returns with all your favorite characters. Released all the way back in 2016 this version has considerably more content than when it first launched. Street Fighter 5 follows the same tried and tested path as its predecessors as a fighting game in 2D. They have added a new ability called V-Skill where you can use your V-Trigger or V-Reversal when you fill your special bar and they help each character accentuate and compliments their fighting style.

When you boot up the game for the first time you will automatically get a tutorial option and of course it just teaches you the controls and the basic stuff and it is the same for each character as it doesn’t teach you any specific things for each character. There’s a lot of options in the menus so let me just go over all the options so you know what kind of things to expect.

First up we got the Arcade Mode where you have all these challenges and each challenge you have a number of battles that you have to complete and the goal is actually just to test out your skills in the game because the challenges are actually pretty hard. Next up we have the Story Mode and first of all you have the general story where we actually play with all the characters and you have cut scenes and each cut scene just leads up to a fight and when it comes to the fight it’s of course your turn.

So, as I said you’re playing with all 16 characters in the Story Mode and each time you’re actually switching from characters and its actually pretty hard as each character has their own special moves and the controls for each special move of each character are different. It’s a good thing that you will always look at the command list before you’re fighting with a new character so you kind of have an idea how to use the special moves or special abilities.

The basic abilities are of course the same so in the beginning of this game I was actually quite bad with each character as I didn’t know the special moves and I was just button mashing. I was still winning the fights against the CPUs but when I tried online, I actually got destroyed. In the beginning just play the story and get to know the game and get used to 1 or 2 characters.

I picked Ryu and Cammy as my 2 characters and I suggest you to pick them as well as they are the some of the easiest to learn. For online I would pick those 2 characters I practiced with to try and get better with them and learn their combos and special moves. In online you can pick between all 16 characters but I would always pick Ryu and Cammy until you get comfortable fighting with them online and then you can maybe switch it up.

Next up is the character story and here you have all 16 characters and you have a little story for each character. These character stories are very short and is actually just four fights with each character and after that you have a cut scene and then you can move on to the next one or another mode. There’s of course a Ranked Mode which is self-explanatory.

Next up is the Versus Mode where you can play against a CPU, against your friends or you can play couch co-op which any decent fighting game should definitely have. On the challenge tab you can pick trials where you basically learn how to improve your understanding of a character’s capabilities. Under the Missions tab you get objectives to complete in a certain number of days which range from 2 days to a month. If you complete them you get rewards for them as well.

The Extra Battle Mode option is more or less the same as the Missions but each mission earns one piece of a costume and not a whole costume. There are several missions that each are part of a different costume and you must play every week to earn the pieces for the costume you want and you can earn rewards here as well. So, there’s quite a lot of options in this game and lots of rewards to be earned. In the shop you can use these rewards to unlock all kinds of stuff like characters, skins, stages, titles, music and more.

The Champion Edition lets you unlock all the DLC characters that they have added which there are 24 extra characters you can play with or you can use real life money to unlock them. Overall Street Fighter 5 is a great game with a stiff learning curve especially if you haven’t played a lot of fighting games but it is fun none the less and I would definitely recommend you to check out on PS Plus.


Street Fighter 5 is a great game with lots of characters and content overall and I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys fighting games as this is one of the best ones out there.


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