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Surviving Mars PS NOW Review

Surviving Mars is a fascinating game in the fact that it is a Sim City or Cities: Skylines builder type game and a survival game all at once and it is available on PS NOW this month. This game derives its idea obviously from its name and you’re settling on Mars and you’re trying to establish a colony there. The developers of Surviving Mars created a decently challenging work flow for you to work with. You have to produce materials, you have to be able to produce oxygen and food, especially when you get people there. 

Surviving Mars starts out with you using automated drones and stuff and you direct the drones to set up the base so that it can be habitable by humans and you are able to progress through the game that way. Lacking an antagonist, Surviving Mars is very calm paced and it takes a lot of patience to play. Only in the fact that a lot of the stuff you will end up doing has to progress through time in order for it to be able to work out, like you have to wait for crops to grow in order to get food.

You have to wait for a rover to get to the far end of the map to be able to find that research item that will help you get more research. It takes time to build buildings and stuff and as agonizing as it may be to have to wait for some of the stuff, you also have to try to keep your citizens happy and keep them in jobs and make sure that the jobs are getting done so that you have the materials to be able to keep building the base and maintaining the base.

It’s a very complex game that requires a good dedicated amount of attention and even though it doesn’t have a main antagonist it’s not like you’re fighting against another system or some sort of AI or whatever. You do have main challenges like meteor storms, dust storms and cold waves. There are even subtle little challenges like you’ll have situations where some of your members of your expedition decide to go crazy and they start stealing stuff or they start sabotaging various buildings. 

You also have little challenges like we’ll send the rover out to go find things out in the wilderness of the map and all of a sudden that rover goes dead and you don’t know why you have to go send repair teams and it’s got its own little interesting things. Throughout the game as you progress to the final stages of Surviving Mars and you essentially have fully established a colony on Mars. 

It will be a stretch of challenges and what you need to understand though is that Surviving Mars is phenomenally beautiful. Everything from the vistas of the scenery to how well each map is put together and made. They have a beauty to them and a splendor that was created with care and each item has different phases of use as it starts to wear out and needs to be repaired. It will show degradation or when they get destroyed by meteors or something like that.

It will still look really awesome even in a destroyed state. The cinematic reality and beautiful layout of this game makes it so phenomenally fun to play that I keep coming back to playing Surviving Mars. I don’t find myself playing and then get the feeling it’s getting repetitive. I try to find other challenges and I try to see if there’s a way that I could do something more efficiently or if I can survive a little bit differently.

By either building in different ways or trying different strategies and Surviving Mars invites that style and inspiration to be able to play in different ways and with different difficulties. Far too often I find myself just panning around and making the camera look in a direction that will just show me the vista as if I was one of these colonists living on Mars and just what it might feel like to look out the glass of the dome and be like wow, I’m on Mars that’s impressive.  

There are even mysteries that you can solve if you allow a mystery to be part of the game. When setting up a new game you have hundreds of choices of where you can place your colony on the planet and every single choice has a different level of challenge to it. Depending on what you set up like which country you choose or which type of leader you choose for your colony, you might have a really easy game or you’ll have an insanely difficult game.

The highest I saw someone do a challenge was in the 1200 range of difficulty and they set it up as a percentage but right now one of my current games I’m playing at a 550 difficulty and it’s pretty fun and challenging. It’s been kicking me around all over the place because I keep getting things that slow down progress or my colonists don’t do what I expect them to do and all sorts of other things. 

I find Surviving Mars a good entertaining game to be able to just sit and ponder about strategy because everything you choose to do in this game is going to make it a ripple effect across the entire game and whether it will be for the good or the bad. Sometimes you don’t even know until several Martian days later.

Only downside that I can think of is that they don’t explain everything to you and you have to figure things out on your own which isn’t a bad thing really but it can be frustrating sometimes. Surviving Mars is a great game to play but it’s a little slower paced but if you enjoy strategy games or something more relaxing or just want a break from the fast action in your face type of gameplay definitely check it out on PS NOW.


Surviving Mars looks great and you just have to admire the world that is Mars when you scroll around the map. The gameplay is slow paced but it can be challenging and fun as you try to figure out what exactly you have to do sometimes.


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