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Vampyr PS Plus Review

From the makers of Life is Strange and Remember Me brings us Vampyr and it combines aspects of both to bring us a great action role playing game. This game relies heavily on RPG elements and you play as Dr. Jonathan Reed whose actions not only affects him but it also affects every single NPC that you basically talk to in the game.

The last vampire game I played was Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines which came out in 2004 so this was a breath of fresh air.

You can kill every single NPC or you can let every single NPC live and every NPC is very beneficial in this game and I think that that’s something that a lot of other developers really need to do in a in a game like this particularly because it’s not necessarily open world.

The story was incredible and it kind of reminded me more of like a Dracula type of story within the romance of him and in the girl that he ends up meeting who ends up being an Ekon 2 vampire. There’s kind of like a love triangle there and It felt like a Bram Stoker’s Dracula type story with Mina and Dracula and having an itch.

You have certain places that you can go at certain times in the game but it’s a game that really does let you explore a lot of things while not being open world.

Skills range from healing yourself to throwing spears of blood and even boiling your enemy’s blood to such an extent that they explode, dealing damage to all nearby foes.

You hack away at enemies, dodge their attacks, and you can stun or parry depending on the type of weapon you wield. Then there’s ranged weapons you can use while fighting from a distance, and your vampiric abilities – which are pretty well animated and feel quite fun to pull off.

The one gripe that I did have playing through the whole game was that there’s no fast travel and some of the side missions and side quests would have you go from one side of the map all the way to the other side of the map in the same side quest and you can’t fast travel and most of these side quests are great and they’re very captivating and very fulfilling.

I didn’t feel like there’s a lot of repetition in this game and the side quest didn’t get repetitive at all. Every side quest was different because every NPC had a different story and a couple of NPC’s social links linked together so they had like a story of their own within 3 separate people and I thought that that was an outstanding thing.

He has hideouts where he can go to which is where you fall asleep, evolve, upgrade your abilities or upgrade your health etc. but you can’t fast travel. I felt like the game play mechanics were really fluent and everything was really solid, the voice acting is just stellar and the soundtrack is a hell of a soundtrack.

I ended up getting through the game and I was like 3/4 of the way in chapter 5 and there’s only 7 and I was getting slapped by bosses and I mean bosses were like 8 levels above me and I said screw this and I killed some civilians that are worth 5000 XP and I’m evolving my character and I’m kicking butt as I’m sick and tired of feeling like a loser.

I ended up doing that and I felt so bad because the narrator said you were so close to the end and I was so proud of you and you were so close and I was like screw you dude for making me feel bad for the decision that I wanted to do.

This game really does make you feel bad when you finally join the dark side and just start killing everybody and then it makes you feel good when you don’t kill anybody but then you get slapped by boss fights and even random enemies and there’s a lot of enemies in this game and you’re going to start getting annoyed because it takes you 5 minutes to kill 3 enemies instead if you were a higher level it would only take you like 2 minutes.

I think the weapon choices are excellent and you can craft them at a crafting table. I think the evolution of the world is excellent if you kill somebody it has an outstanding impact and a huge consequence on the world that you’re playing in even if the characters are not that big of a deal, killing that character is going to bring down your district into a serious or critical level especially if you kill people at Pembroke hospital and you can kill anybody.

You can even kill the dude who ends up saving your life in this game or who you end up going to the hospital back with. You can kill anybody and it is just a great game with a lot of replayability and huge amount of replay value. I think it’s something that I will definitely recommend to everyone and you have to experience this game first hand as you might think the controls look clunky but it’s one of those games that’s not necessarily a triple A title but more of like a B graded game to where it’s one of those games that you just pick up as it looks like a cool vampire game and it actually is. If this is something that intrigues check it out on PS Plus this month.


Vampyr has enthralling characters and storytelling and your choices have genuine impact on the game, but some of the combat was completely unnecessary and there's no fast travel system.


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