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Vigor Free to Play Review

Vigor is basically a mixture of DayZ and Borderlands with a Battle Royale aspect and it is available for both PS4 & PS5. If you are not too sure what the games about the best description, I can give is this is an online battle royale style free to play game and it is a third person shooter with a large emphasis on looting.

This is going to be the main thing you do in Vigor and you can play encounter, solos, duos with a friend or even with random people. In Elimination mode your aim will be looting buildings, cars, boxes and other outlanders you may have killed or other people have killed but you can still loot them. The objective is not to be the last 1 standing but to be the last 1 to exit or first as it doesn’t really matter but when you go onto your map there’s going to be 5 or 6 exits.

You loot as much as you can to fill that bag of yours and escape. When you actually start Vigor you’ll be given a choice to play the tutorial or to skip it but my advice would be to play the tutorial and just learn the basics of Vigor. The next mode is Shootout and Shootout is a free-for-all mode with 8 players and what’s good about this mode is that this will definitely improve your skill in Vigor because you need to know how to position yourself in great angles because they will be coming for you in every direction. 

What also makes this mode good as well is that you get these crates called shootout crates and these crates will give you camos for weapons, camos for your outfits, give you 2 legendary outfits and you get crates for weapons and resources. If you don’t want to do Encounter and you just want to enjoy that free for all mode and get a lot of loot this is definitely the mode to play especially if you can come in the top 3 because first place as you get three crates, second place two crates and third place is one crate.

I’ve actually been playing this mode a lot and it is fun. You will definitely get better with all the weapons in this mode and you will know which is considered to be the best close range and long range weapons. Encounter mode is probably the main mode and it will give you an adrenaline rush as you need to find things to upgrade your house or you need to find parts for your guns or materials to be able to build a gun.

You need to get out without dying because obviously everyone on the map is going to try to kill you if they see you and also you need to be careful because if you die you lose everything and if you feel confident and you’ve got that little bit of extra room you can loot the airdrop at the end that will guarantee you a white crate and that can give you blueprints, materials, weapons and more.

The loot system in Vigor is fast paced and is done really well. I have to give credit to Behemoth Interactive that they did a really good job with this game and it is free to play as well. I would have loved for Vigor to be First person so you have more sense of danger but it is third person and I respect them for that. Though the graphics may not measure up to other games of the current generation of gaming, they are still impressive, and compliment the premise of the game and gameplay perfectly.

You might have noticed this pretty much straight away when you play every 4 or 5 games that you will get a blue screen error and this can put you off but the good thing is that this is a kind of saving grace for it. When you get a blue screen game you will get your load out that you had and started with let’s say for example if I went with a shotgun and a knife, I get blue screen in game I will get them back but you will lose everything you looted because you didn’t technically escape with it.

Also be warned this is another negative that the crowns you get will also be lost and you spend crowns to boost your loot crates so the crates increase from white to a green crate or you can increase loot so when you loot someone you get more loot or you can get insurance that will save your weapons. But if you get a blue screen when you have spent your crowns and you’ve not escaped you will lose that currency so just be aware and preferably don’t use your crowns at the moment and rather save them until its patched. 

If you just want to experience a last man surviving game or just quickly jump in to loot everything and get out without anyone knowing you’ve got to play Vigor especially as it is a free to play game. The blue screens are annoying and it pulls you out of the game in that moment but it is a very fun game if you can overlook this issue or wait for a patch. 


Regardless of the few blue screen errors present in Vigor, it still has everything it needs to be an enjoyable online gaming experience. Survival games are still immensely popular and with smooth running gameplay and minimal load times, multiple online match types Vigor is an amazing fun game with friends or other online players.


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