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Warhammer Vermintide 2 PS NOW Review

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is almost like a fantasy version of World War Z or Dying Light and if you haven’t played those games it’s basically a co-op game where it’s you and 3 other players going against wave after wave of enemies on different stages/missions.

You can also play single player and the other character spots will be filled by bots. Usually, bots are useless in games like this and especially on later levels but to be honest I actually found them really effective and they didn’t just wonder about aimlessly. The AI isn’t ridiculously bad or anything like that so you can definitely play with the AI if you don’t like playing with other random players online. 

They actually work pretty well and they do the things you expect them to and they will take out enemies that you’re not focusing on. I’ve got to say I have put a good many hours into this game and it is wildly addictive and hugely entertaining. It’s way over the top but it’s incredibly fun to play. Essentially you start the game and you can choose a series of heroes you want to be after you finish the intro. You’ve got a choice of 5 different heroes. 

You’ve got the traditional swordsman type guy being the Mercenary class, you’ve got a rogue, there’s an archer type that shoots people from distance and then you’ve got 2 mage type heroes so you got the usual classes that you can expect from fantasy games. There’s nothing revolutionary about any of the characters and most if not all of the characters have both got close range and distance weapons. For the most part I’ve chosen the Mercenary character. You’ve got a double handed sword and for distance fighting you’ve got a blunderbuss type pistol or rifle.

As you progress through the game you get better weapons, swords, shields, better guns and better armor. The more you level up the better equipment you can find and you can do all the things you expect in games like this. You can craft new equipment and attachments as you can expect in a fantasy type game like. It’s all very standard stuff where you’ve got equipment you can upgrade to better versions that will give you different attributes and different skills. If you’ve played games like this before this will be very familiar. 

You start the game off in your hub area and you can do a lot of things in this hub. You can upgrade your weapons; you can open chests or loot boxes and all that kind of stuff. There’s no microtransactions and it’s all stuff that you earn in game. You walk around your hub and then you go to a mission area and then it will ask you if you want to start with four human players so it would be you and three other human players or you can choose to start the mission with three AI companions.

It’s a different environment each time and the mission areas are quite large. It’s quite linear where you need to go from point A to B and you’ve got to take out wave after wave of enemy and that’s it. The game looks absolutely beautiful and all the environments look really nice and they’ve tried to make everything feel a lot different where you could be in a forest one level and the next you could be on a castle.

The level design I think is clever and it doesn’t hold your hand and you’ve got to find your way through these levels as there’s no big green arrows pointing and telling me where to go but it’s not that hard to figure out. You go from beginning to end and you’ve got certain things to do where you might need to unlock bridges or free slaves or things like that to be able to progress forward. The level design I think is clever and it doesn’t hold your hand and you’ve got to find your way through these levels as there’s no big green arrows pointing and telling me where to go but it’s not that hard to figure out.

Once you’ve achieved everything you’re supposed to do in that level you then have to kill all these hundreds of enemies and go to the next area and repeat. The different waves of enemies can vary where you could have little rat creatures that are one swing of the sword and you can take out 5 or 6 of them or you could have more heavily armored enemies.

It is very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings and it felt like I was in a scene from that movie. Literally one swing of the sword and you are taking out 6 or 7 bad guys or you can do a strong strike and just knock one flying. You’ve got some special abilities that you can use depending on which character you use and you’ve got like a rage meter that fills up where you can let it loose and do a special attack to take out waves of enemies and it’s just a fun experience. 

It’s not particularly groundbreaking and it doesn’t really change things that much as it’s quite predictable and it’s a bit of rinse and repeat. The gameplay is so fun to play you wont mind that it’s quite repetitive because they do give you lots of enemy varieties and you’ll get this huge boss now and again that’s really difficult to kill and that takes all of your focus and efforts. 

It’s one of those games that you could put on just for an hour or two and go through one or two levels and have some fun hacking and slashing hundreds of bad guys and your companions come out with snappy one liners and you feel like you’ve accomplished something. I do recommend to try this game on PS NOW even if it’s just an hour or two per day.


Warhammer Vermintide 2 is a fun co-op game with some great level design and its just generally fun hitting rat creatures or zombies with these oversized melee weapons.


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